Error 404

How do you make your own error page? like if you do < you get an error page. How do you do that? … like how do you direct it to your own error page?

If a web host has custom error pages option, they usually have an online editor where you can select the error page, (like 404, or 403) and just code it there.

any other options?

search google for “.htaccess”

thank you! I am trying it right now! hopefully it will work!

even if your host has an online editor, you can still do it with
htaccess as ahmed suggests. Here is how I usually do it…

make a text file called .htaccess and put this code in it.

ErrorDocument 500
ErrorDocument 403
ErrorDocument 401
ErrorDocument 404

then upload it to your root of the domain on the server. Make
sure you have a page made and uploaded for each error, of course. :wink:

also, be sure you have the file named properly as .htaccess and
not .htaccess.txt or something else.

Hope that helps. =)

yup. oh, and to save since the file has no name, but an extension, save that file as “.htaccess” including the quotations if you’re using notepad :slight_smile:

aren’t .htaccess files only for apache? just curious

yes :slight_smile: