Error in movieclip. Typerror, error #1009

I have some nested movieclips in my banner and can’t realize how to prevent error it gives me while running. There is a movieclip that runs 3 times and there is a nested movieclip that runs 3 times too, so the nested movieclip runs 9 times totally. When the nested movieclip runs 4th time, it gives me error, but everything works as it’s needed - the main thing made in actionscript in the banner is changing text fields.
I attach a source file, please have a look it this. I just don’t know what to do! Everything seems to be ok, there is just a few actionscript lines.
The source file is here:
Thank you so much!

It would be also ok just to prevent the error message appearing while running in browser. Actually I don’t even need to solve the problem right way, I just need to hide that annoying window.