Errors/no instances after saving to thumb drive

I’ve been googling around and have found 3 posts of different forums describing a similar problem, each of which was unanswered, not a good sign.

Our school recently installed cs4 and I’ve been having trouble getting saved files to work right. It’s as simple as this. Make a new library object, give it a link of example_class, then in the main timeline I write:

var example = new example_class;

This works fine at first. But the minute I save it it will not appear. No addChild command seems to work, and even if there are errors in the code the error window will report nothing. Eventually on a separate computer I found that it didn’t seem to like me having my .fla on my usb drive and would work better on the c: drive. So this would be ok if it were just me.

The problem is that the computers in our lab, for the sudents, are frozen and reboot to a backup state. They have two partitions on a single drive, not different hd’s, and when it is on it only displays one c: drive. It doesn’t seem to like this either though so it doesn’t matter whether or not I save it to the hard drive, addChild does not work.

I wanted to ask if anyone had had a similar situation, and if so, what did you do about it? Previous versions of flash didn’t have this problem.

Any help appreciated.