ES2019 Features

Looks like the ES2019 feature set is complete. It includes:

Proposal Author Champion(s) TC39 meeting notes Expected Publication Year
Optional catch binding Michael Ficarra Michael Ficarra May 2018 2019
JSON superset Richard Gibson Mark Miller Mathias Bynens May 2018 2019
Symbol.prototype.description Michael Ficarra Michael Ficarra November 2018 2019
Function.prototype.toString revision Michael Ficarra Michael Ficarra November 2018 2019
Object.fromEntries Darien Maillet Valentine Jordan Harband Kevin Gibbons January 2019 2019
Well-formed JSON.stringify Richard Gibson Mathias Bynens January 2019 2019
String.prototype.{trimStart,trimEnd} Sebastian Markbåge Sebastian Markbåge January 2019 2019
Array.prototype.{flat,flatMap} Brian Terlson Michael Ficarra Brian Terlson Michael Ficarra January 2019 2019

The language spec hasn’t been officially updated yet, but historically, additions in Jan tend to be it for the year.

I’m pretty sure BigInt and globalThis will make it in next year, since they’re already alive and working in Chrome. I’d like to think Class Public Instance Fields & Private Instance Fields and the others around that are going to be part of that 2020 update as well. It seems time, and the changes to the Decorators proposal is reflective of that.

The new decorators proposal, btw, while much more complicated, is also quite a bit more powerful and provides a powerful hook into manipulating class definitions. I’d like to see them standardized sooner, but they’re probably a ways off.

Finalization confirmed

… and the post to which he was referring: