Escaping URL not working with getURL and

I have a Flash movie that retrieves an RSS feed of video URLs and allows you to view them when you click on the thumbnail.
The URL that the user is taken to accepts a parameter of “videoURL”. Because that is a full URL with parameters of its own, I need to escape the url included as the videoURL parameter. However, when I try to open the page in a popup window by using getURL and, the escaped portion is no longer escaped!
I’ve set up a very simple example that demonstrates this here:
If you click the button, a popup window opens, but the URL of the page is:
However it SHOULD be:
Here’s the code in this example:
var strDefaultURLClipSyndicate=“”;
var strEscapedURL=escape(“”);
var strEntireCommand=“’” + strDefaultURLClipSyndicate + “videoURL=” + strEscapedURL + “’,‘popupWin’,'width=” + intDefaultPageWidth + “,height=” + intDefaultPageHeight + “,left=242px,top=39,scrollbars=no,resizable=no’);popup.focus();void(0);”;
The trace statement shows the URL properly escaped, but when it’s opened using getURL, the escaping is mysteriously gone! Please help!