Especific frame in external swf

i have a little question: Im begining to make a flash website where I have a main.swf and different buttons that load different external swf files. Is it possible to ‘jump’ to an specific frame in an external swf?.

Lets say I have an ‘about’ button that loads an ‘about.swf’ movie, but I dont want my ‘about.swf’ to start at frame 1 but at frame 5, or 15, or whatever. Do I use a ‘gotoAndPlay’ or something like that? sorry if my question seems stupid, Im pretty new :}

yes, but imagine that in this external .swf i have a pic in frame 5, another pic in frame 10, ant another one in frame 15, and i want this external .swf to be loaded directly to frame 15 without showing the first 14 frames.

how to do that ??

Just like he said


or whatever frame you want.