ESPN NFL 2K4 & Other Sega Sports Games

Ok, NFL 2K5 is in stores and it’s AWESOME! For some reason, Canadian retailers got the game early and I have been playing it since last night. Do yourself a favour and go and get it - now! The gameplay is awesome, the animations are so realistic and the graphics look so Amazing, it’s scary how good they are. Let me know if anyone here get’s the game and we can play!

This is my first football game since Joe Montana’s Sportstalk Football for the Genisis and I am loving it!


In case anyone here didn’t know, it’s been confirmed that Sega is going to ship NFL 2K5 on the 20th of July, way ahead of schedual at the low low price of 19.99 USD. The reason for this is to fight Madden tooth and Nail for the leader in Football games.

Personally, I don’t really play football on my Xbox, but I am going to start this year. I have to support a developer and company that is willing to put out a fantastic game at a low price. Apperently Hockey has already been confirmed for 19.99 USD and they think that the NBA title will also be price cut.

If anyone is interested in playing me, I will be online with this game when I pick it up on the 22nd of July. Check out the sticky for my gamertag and other games I own.

I can’t wait! :smiley:

Madden isn’t that great, Sega dominates over EA. I’m not anticipating NFL 2k5 though I’m sure it’ll be a great game, for any football fans. The one I’m waiting for is NBA2k5… I’m guessing that one comes out in October.

You and me both Wizard. I really liked last years version, but there were a lot of bugs that made my experience not a very good one. I picked up ID2004 for my xbox and was VERY supprised, it’s a great game.

ESPN Basketball is one of the games I look forward to every year almost more than any other

Go Get it now!!! My mistake - it’s 2K5, **** games and their marketing a year a head :slight_smile:

Read above, I updated my original post!