Etsy Flash Developer position working closely with Jared Tarbell and Marcos Weskamp is looking for a Flash developer to work on exciting new projects.

We’re a small company that’s getting big fast. We break the rules and have fun. Please write or send a resume if interested.

Thank you!


I found this accidentally, but this post is awesome given both the content of the message as well as who actually posted it :stuck_out_tongue:

Very cool! Small, hidden gem in that job post too

  • Leverage Etsy’s powerful internal API to expose how sexy Etsy is

…not to be overshadowed by

  • Collaborate with Jared Tarbell and Marcos Weskamp in the creation of entirely new work

Did you also find the post about needing to convert it from Flash? :grin:

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He’s also a time traveler :laughing:



At first I thought a flash developer, or a flash job was being offered on etsy because it’s now a boutique item.