Evaluating xscale of mc and sliding it to desired place

Hi there, I’m a little new to AS and am working on a slider bar which is currently controlled in 2 ways. The first is with a row of sequential buttons which take the slider mc to the desired place along the x scale, so it looks like it is scrolling across a bar each of these buttons also call other mc’s but that’s not important here.

The issue I have is that I ALSO have to control that slider bar by buttons which make it jump to certain points on the xscale. So effectively the user can scroll OR choose to click buttons along the scale and the slider jumps there with easing applied.

So I have most of it working. But I need this code below to gather info about where the slider currently sits and either move it forward or back depending on where it is. …So for instance if the user slid it forward to x=120 then goes to a button below which ‘on click’ asks the slider to go to x=50 the code should ask, where is the slider currently? If >50 move back if < than 80 move forward. Can you help?? It’s probably a Get Property issue? Return value?

I’m working in CS4 but we are writing in AS 2.0

Pleeeeeese help…I’m struggling! …

import mx.transitions.Tween;
import mx.transitions.easing.*;

var tweenTime:Number = 1;

function moveit(){

trace("movit done!");

this.destX = 50;

if (this._x &lt;=this.destX) {
    this._x += 15;
    trace("tween ease");
    var tween1:Tween = new Tween(this, "_x", Regular.easeOut, this._x, 80, tweenTime, true);