Event Handler problems MC Button issues

I think actually you explained it better than i can.
we are looping throught the sequence 52 times(from i=0 to i=51 inclusive) and each time a value of 1 is added to i.On the first loop, i will be 0, so the next line gives us this[“myState”+0].ivar = 0;

this - refers to the timeline, so you may well be able to replace with _root but later if you decide to load the movie into another it will cause you problems.
[“myState”+0] just refers to the movieclip myState0
its as if “this” or (_root) is an array and flash knows to look in “this” for the stuff inside the square brackets which it is what it is looking for.
ivar is a property we have given each mc and in this case it has a value of 0.
you can call ivar whatever you want,it doesn`t matter.
like saying Object.property=value
So each mc has a property ivar but they are all unique values making them useful.
The next line gives us
this[“myState”+0].onPress = function() {
loadMovie(“movie”+this.ivar+“.swf”, “container”);
//in other words (movie0.swf,“container”)
this.enabled = false;

inside a callback function “this” refers to whatever is calling the function not to the timeline as you might expect. So this just means(on our first loop)
myState0.enabled = false;

Then it does the whole thing again with 1 etc.

Thanks AGAIN Stringy. It seems so easy once the code is written and explained. I just wonder when I will ever get to the point when I will be able to work through these things on my own and be able to write the script myself. I would have made this such a long process never realizing that it could all be addressed with one block of script rather than basically doing the same thing over and over for each mc. I just hope one of these days the lightbulb finally comes on…


We have all been there Jillymo but you are doing the right thing in trying to understand code rather than just copy it blindly. Once you have used it a couple of times you`ll wonder what all the fuss was about.

L I hope so!