Events in custom classes

Ok I finally realize that I don’t understand how the EventDispatcher works.
Or, perhaps, not fully understands it anyway.

My problem:
I’ve created a custom class, lets call it Bounce. Everytime the ball hits the ground it broadcast the event Event.CHANGE as so:

disp.dispatchEvent(new Event(Event.CHANGE));

Where disp is a EventDispatcher created when the class Bounce first is created.

Everything works great if I have once Bounce class object on the main timeline, if I add another one the CHANGE for the first one stops triggering but the last one added works instead.

var bouncyBall:Bounce = new Bounce();
var bouncyBall2:Bounce = new Bounce();

bounceyBall.addEventListener(Event.CHANGE, handler); // this works now

bounceBall2.addEventListener(Event.CHANGE, handler); // after this line one bounceBall2 responds to the Event.CHANGE

Any clues what misstake I’m doing?