Events on images

Hello everyone,

May You help me? I’m new in flash, but i need fast to understand some things.
I have written action script which is loading and scrolling external images. ( )
But I don’t know how to do if I rollover on image, it should change color (maybe become black/white or _alpha parameter is changed (it’s not very important).
On image release, should change text.
now my script is:

_global.pav_sk = 8; // how many images
_global.parastes = 10; //space between images
_global.plotis = 150; //image width
_global.aukstis = 120; //image hight
_global.prad_x = 0; //x coordinate of image
_global.prad_y =0; //y coordinate of image

_root.onLoad = _global.funkcija = function() {


 _root.createEmptyMovieClip("main", 0);
main._x = prad_x;
main._y = prad_y;
for (cont=1; cont<=pav_sk; cont++) {
	_root.main.createEmptyMovieClip("immagine"+cont, cont);
	with (_root.main["immagine"+cont]) {
		_x = (plotis+parastes)*(cont-1);
		_y = aukstis/3;

onRelease =function() {



i hope you understood whats the problem…
if it’s not clear, i have uploaded fla.

Thanks in advance for Your help.