Ever wake up with a stomach ache, and

end up coming out of surgery 6 hours later? Well, it happened to me last Sunday!!! I woke up feeling like I’d eaten some bad chicken, got rushed to the hospital, and rushed into surgery for an emergency appendectomy!! Man, what a weird experience. Everything happened so fast, but I guess they can’t sit back and wait with an infected appendix - it could burst and cause WAY bigger problems. There was just like NO warning at all. I had friends over the night before - 2 couples and my girlfriend and I. We were drinking and singing Karaoke :stuck_out_tongue: - or rather screaming Karaoke :smiley: Then I said, about 4am, I’m not feeling well and I’m going to bed. Which everyone thought was weird, I’m ALWAYS the last one up…but off I went. Woke at 12pm feeling a little sick, like I’d eaten spicy food the night before. Went back to sleep for an hour, woke up feeling worse, started getting dizzy and blacking out. Had my girlfriend take me to the hospital, they put me in a room right away, took blood samples, gave me morphine, and then I was in the operating room…happened before I could pause to think - which was probably the best thing that could happen. I was in the Hospital until Tuesday, and have been recovering at home ever since - all stapled up. Still seems like a dream, all happened so fast and without warning…man!! Just wanted to share the kind of week I’ve been having :smiley: I’m off work until at least the end of next week, but they aren’t expecting me back for a month, so I might not rush it :wink: If anyone’s interested I could take a picture of the staples in my belly :smiley: