Everybody likes to ask how good their site is right?

well i have my site right… and i also like to ask some viewers to tell me if they did like my website or not… or maybe make a rating page or whatever with a little submiting button or something… everything i can do till the moment i ask myself, i’ve never learned how to make a program that will get all the input created by the user, save it on a file and keep it on the server for me to pick… at first i thought of them emaling it to me but… that wouldn’t be flash no more? would you know how to do it? Thanx to all.

You can create a form in flash which will either write that info to a CGI serverside, or Email you the info. Both work pretty well, but some people don’t have a server which will take posts from the web page.

I’d suggest looking for a tutorial on Forms. I’ll look for a good tutorial.

Thanx buddy! i see you are good at helping everybody! thanx!

This is about all I found on Flashkit. www.flashkit.com/tutorials/Backend/