Evolving games on mobile phone!

hey guys this is my first post on Kirupa!

Since I’m a newbie, I’d better provide some knowledge before i can ask for it…C:-)

I’ve been teaching basic concepts of AI at my school, and have found this site:

:book: >>> http://www.qwacky.net/

I got the students to download the games for FREE :party:. It turns out that the games evolve to create a series of harder and easier games to play. I think it builds on much of the craze over the last couple of years to customize games/interfaces/products - you can have games specifically made for you:to: . I’ve sent the producers an email to ask them to release more games due to the popularity…I hope they do it soon!

What do you guys think of the games?


This is probably better in Computer and Games… although i have no idea how they make these games for the lower class of phones they are quite cool. Other more advanced phones can just use .net to make games quite easy to pick up and learn if you already program.

Those phones might actually even use their own custom namespace/scripts for creating apps im not entirely sure.