Expandable Flash banners

I would like to know how to make the expandable flash banner/adverts

the ones when you place your mouse over the banner it expands and is still on top of the html


I don’t think that is possible. I have seen XHTML expandable banners, and I have seen Flash expandable banners that go over text within flash (not HTML). Do you have an example website?

I think espn.com does that from time to time. I do believe that is somehow dhtml related. But I would like to know as well.

Yeah I have seen it before, no clue how to do it. Would be an awesome tutorial for the site:P

Strange, it’s the one thing we don’t know how to do, yet 200 people ask this question every week… Maybe i’ll do some investigation(-:

is it in the param?
this will work for your growing script.

"in mc"
this.onEnterFrame = function(){
if(rewind == true){ //rewind true = play backwards…
prevFrame(); //play backwards

this.onRollOver = function(){
currentDepth = this.getDepth();
this.swapDepths(this._x + this._y*isoPlane_width);
rewind = false; //set variable (or switch) that decides wether to or not to play backwards…

this.onRollOut = function(){

rewind = true;    //rewind true = play backwards...


this.onRelease = function(){

Any chance you could post the fla / source file