Expanding on the Kirupa transition tutorial

Hi all,

I’ve been messing about with this transition tutorial but have come across a problem that the tut doesn’t really cover :-

Here’s the tut: http://www.kirupa.com/developer/mx2004/transitions.htm

On the example here when you click on other buttons while the current movie is playing, the buttons have no effect until the timeline gets to the section of action script that tells the main swf what movie to play next according to the users button selection.

The movies that I have made range from about 150k to 200k per section but the obvious problem is that the user has to wait until the current movie has loaded and played out before the button press has any effect.

I tried making the AS frame that contains the _root.container.loadMovie(_root.currMovie+".swf"); range right across the timeline hoping that this would take into account the button presses before the current movie has finished, but it just messes up completely.

Does anyone know a work around here? I could really use the help!