Expanding the canvas

Hey I have a gamein flash that I’m working on and the map is too large to fit on the workarea provided ( the grey area…)

is there a way to expand the grey area and make it bigger so i can fit bigger graphics in?

Umm…I’m not positive but I think you can go to edit/preferences and make the work area bigger

i dun see anything there… i just looked

you must change the dimensions of your canvas. (height, width).
Just right-click on the gray area, and select “Document Properties”. There you will see height and width. Just make those numbers bigger.

tat makes the stage bigger

i want the actual grey area to enlarge

that must be a REALLY big graphic you got there…

when movie plays, it does not show graphic, that is OUTSIDE the stage area… SO make the stage as large as you need(PS! the “gray” area will go also bigger, if you make the stage big enough).

PS! height max - 2880px
width max - 2880 px