Experimental Flash Blog

Hi everyone,

I’ve been working quite hard on my blog over the last few weeks, writing articles and not working on graphics so much. I’m not much of a designer so I was wondering what you thought about how I could customise it a bit. I’ve done some stuff with jQuery (which causes the animation and the lightboxes) but not a lot else. Most of the critique I’d like is on content though, what do you think to the stuff I’ve been doing!

The blog is a load of ideas and tutorials about some “experimental” stuff I’ve done in flash. Let me know what you think about the articles and content, that would be great - if any of you are interested it’d be great if you could follow it. Kirupa has helped me a lot over the years so it’d be nice to show some of the stuff I’ve been working on thanks to the help here.

The blog is on blogspot at