Expert Mode

I am going to write some funcitons to pass on into the next frame. I am going to use expert mode. I am going to have a field banner that takes someone to where I want them to go on my webpage. And I am going to pass on a function.

So how would I write this function of new page if it opens (if they click on my page)then go to the next frame of the movie?

Does anyone have any ideas. I am going to write some function in expert mode. so I can find out if they clicked on my window.
The page has links that opens up other windows. So I need to pass on a function to see if a new page opens. Then have them go to the next frame of the movie.

That would have to involve some sort of javascript or CGI based programing, probebly. Lostinbeta might have some insights. If I talk to him I’ll try to steer him towards this post.

I going to download a file from
I subscribed to this just awhile ago.

It may help me with what I want it to do.

I am hoping if it does maybe I can still use my flash swf

I am going to take a break now. Whew