Expet AS2/AS3 coder required

I have a browser MMO which has a Flash client written in AS2. Currently we have some issues:

  1. The game’s performance is terrible. For what it’s doing it shouldn’t be this slow. So far I’ve been unable to improve it. I believe converting the game to AS3 may help. Also the game doesn’t use a bitmap rendering engine, everything is in movieclips etc. Converting everthing to a bitmap system is something I’d be interested in.

  2. We have some serious issues with keyboard & mouse input. For some reason the game will experience terrible input lag in Internet Explorer (and sometimes in other browsers). By setting the movie’s base framerate to a low number (currently 18) I’ve been able to somewhat reduce this problem but not completely fix it. Also setting the base framerate to 18 severely reduces the game’s performance. I would ideally like to have it set to 120. For more info on this problem see: http://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FP-542. It’s possible converting to a bitmap engine or AS3 may fix this issue but can’t be sure.

I’m looking for somebody who can address the above points. Essentially you will have to:

  1. Convert the entire game from AS2 to AS3.
  2. Find a way to fix the input lag.
  3. Idenfity and optimize the slowest parts of the game code in order to improve performance.
  4. Convert the entire game from it’s current movieclip driven state to a bitmap rendering engine. Though this isn’t essential if enough performance can be gained via the first 3 steps.

This isn’t going to be a quick job. My AS2 code is very large (approx 15k lines), not very clean and mostly uncommented. I’m fully expecting to pay a significant amount of money to get this done.

If interested please email [email protected] and give me a ballpark idea of cost.