Where can i get or what is a name of a program that will make an object like arrows explode?


you just can download programs like www.swish.com or use programs like Ulead cool 3d.

Both are probably trial versions, but you can see what you think about it.



Or get 3D Studio Max and learn how to make some really advanced explosions, fires, animations, ect!

I have a simple script that will let you take any single sting of text, including a user imputed text, and explode it. If you’re interested in the FLA it’s availiable, just post your email and I’ll send it out.

[email protected]

Man I would have thought that I’d have given that to you already dan… was I keeping it from people? :slight_smile:

This is an example of the swf I made with the effect.


I’ll send you the FLA in the morning when I get home.

[email protected] is my email so send it to me plz

Sorry I didn’t get this out today. I had a paying job that was distracting me. I’ll mail it out in the morning.

David tell me when u sent it and what name u put it as if u already sent it to [email protected] then can you plz send it again tnkz

Sorry sorry. I sent it out from "[email protected]" to both you and Dan.

Im soooo sry i didn’t get it yet so can u send it again to [email protected]

If you can TNKZ

very nice script

I sent it out again.

hey david, i think it was you who sent me that user drawing script, would you mind sending me it once more please? [email protected]

I don’t think it was me… what did it do?

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