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Im trying to make a picture of a heart xplode in flash, any ideas? i have imported a jpeg image of a heart, and i was wondering if it was passible to make it look like its exploded in flash.



You can’t decently animate bitmaps in Flash, do that in Director.
Draw your heart in Flash (vectors) or use the modify/ trace function to vectorise your png. then make multiple smaller parts out of the basic shape, make each into a symbol, and tween each of these symbols from a complete heart start position to an exploded heart final position.

Ok, you just got lucky coz i felt like making you a basic demo, you can download the fla+swf at:
's that more or less what you wanted? See comments in the fla…

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i was trying to use a real pic of a heart, and make it look like it was pumpin then xplodes…is this possible

thanking for ur time in advance.



This is one way that I might do it. Mind you readers…this is meant to explain it to a basic newbie flasher. bear with me :wink:

Really you don’t need a whole lot of pieces to your heart. I would take the picture and do “ctrl-B” to break it apart. Now it’s a fill, inside a shape of your choosing. Use the eraser tool to illiminate anything which is not the heart itself.
(remember to use the “undo” “ctrl-Z” function if you make a mistake.)

Then, deselect everything by clicking on an empty place in the work area. Use the lasso tool to cut out a piece of your heart. Keep your cuts in the dark creases of the hearts surface when you can. When you’ve got a peice selected group it using “ctrl-G”. Move on to the next section you want to cut, until you have three or four good peices. All grouped separately.

Select them all and choose “ctrl-C” to copy them, and “ctrl-shift-V” to paste them in place. This will give you more peices to work with when the explosion happens. it will look more 3D that way.
Reselect all the peices and choose “insert/convert to symbol”
choose “Movie Clip” from the options and name it heart.

Double click on heart, to open it’s timeline.
Add enough Layers to acomodate each peice of the heart, plus one.
So if you cut your heart into four peices… that would be nine Layers.
Select the peices one at a time, “cut” “ctrl-X” and “paste in place” “ctrl-shift-V”; each one into an individual layer. Select each Keyframe and choose “Insert/Create Motion Tween”
Choose frame 10 and insert a keyframe for each layer.
In your blank layer, select frame one, and choose “insert/blank Keyframe”, double click this frame to make the action panel open. Place a stop action.

Select the last frame of the first heart part. Move it towards the direction you think it would go.
Repeat this process for each peice choosing their last keyframe, every time.

Now you have a movie clip on the stage. Give it an instance name in the “instance panel”
in any frame, or on button event, or on clip event, will set of the heart to explode.

I think that it will take some more fooling with the movie clip. By double clicking on it, you go back into it’s timeline to edit it. Add more layers below those of the heart peices. Add red splotches of color and try setting up tweens for them. Scattering more material in less time will bog down the system a little, but will add to the confusion, which is really what you want anyway.
Additional suggestion, Use guide layers to arc some peices away from the viewer. In addition to having them follow a path, you should scale their size. Select their last keyframe, and choose the scale tool… shrink it down.

This could be done much smaller, and more random in it’s splatter pattern if you used action script… but I don’t think that’s within the relm of my explination yet.

LOL thats the exact way that i made a ship explode in flash more than a year ago. Ah…the memories…

Hey upuaut8,

Thank you very much for your desciptive xplanation, it was perfect for a fragile mind like myself, and i have chieved what i needed through tour guidance, i really appreciate the time you have taken out to help me.

Thanking you very much,


np… I’m pretty good with art effects.