Explosive Text

I know the people who read these are amazin on flash, so can someone please tell me how to make text animated so it looks like it explodes?

I’ve seen it on dozens of sites but i dont know how it works.


i was working late in my lab last night and all of a sudden something came to my sight , it was fright it did the EXPLOSIVE TEXT ohhhh yeahhhhh

heres one way to do it custom made explosion…

1.create text on the main stage
2.ctlr b ( breaks apart the text) or go to modify and click break apart
3. convert each letter inbto a seperate movie clip
4.animate each movie clip (each letter) as to how u want
5. take pictures of peeple on this board and post them in funny movies(step 5 is optional )

another way would be to get atomatic explosion text from useing this site board.flashkit.com/cgi-bi…omain_id=2

it has some options

What Rhyle said is right. If you have some time ahead of you, you can take each letter in its own layer an animate it.
But you’ll find here an ultra advanced way to do it. Very cool, really, but advanced.

Isn’t the animation below slowing down your computer too ???

Hey, I guess that if you don’t want to use that really awful script, you can try and make that :
perouse Kirupa’s tutorial about random movement
when you’re sure you understand everything, replace the movie clip he uses with a letter. Use the script that chooses a random destination point and make the script go there. If you do it with a full word, you should get something nice. Then play with the fading, teh scaling or anything you like to make your animation look really cool.

I’ll try and make the same thing here.


Yeah baby yeah ! Looks nice (my opinion). Check it out here :
The letters move to random destinations, fade, change scale and spin. Everything’s done with actionscript, so it’s only 3kb. Just kills me.
I just have to add the script to choose a random angle of rotation, scaling and speed of fading and it will be done.
Special Thanks to Suprabeener without whom I’d probably be scratching my head through the brain right now.


There it is. Random motion, random scaling decrease, random rotation… But why does it always go to the left ? Mystery.


isnt action scripting great?


but yeah its weird the way its supposed to be random, but it dont seem like it. hmm.
maybe there is something out there laughing at us right now.

maybe not.

That upsets me greatly. Poor Pom spent so much time on that whole random motion thing, but you really wouldn’t notice it was random motion unless a) he told you or b) you bothered to watch the movie again and again. When it comes does to it, if that wasn’t random motion it would be really easy. And so, not as many people will be as impressed as they should be.

Poor, poor Pom.

It’s unfair, I know. But I’ll get over it.
Or maybe I won’t.


or… being totally less inventive you could download Swish… that does it like… that really… simple


Really, I don’t think anybody has ever made a predictable random motion, not Swish not anybody (I hope).

OK, thanks to Supra, everything’s fine now. It’s too bad the footer of my previous thread changed too because then we could have compared everything.

But it’s not over : next step, I want to set a random angle at the beginning, and then make the text move like there’s gravity. And maybe make it bounce against the walls.

Supra, get ready for some question…