Export as quicktime

hi –

i’m having a problem with flash mx. i’m exporting a movie in quicktime and when i load the .mov onto a page it’s not being read – i’m getting the broken quicktime image icon.

is anyone else having trouble exporting movies out of flash mx into quicktime?



Hey matt,
No, I have never had problems exporting QT movies in Flash. Do you have the latest QT Player installed? If you don’t have at least version 5 of QuickTime installed on your comp, you may not be able to view the movie. You can download QuickTime from the following link: www.quicktime.com

Yes, I have Quicktime 5 and I originally thought that maybe QuickTime 5 was having problems reading the file I exported from Flash. I’m not quite sure what could be happening. The code is correct and the way I’m exporting it from Flash 5 is correct is well, I’m using Quicktime Streaming. What other possibilities for error should I look into?

The file I’m trying to read is at www.fablevision.com/necc2/