Exporting a flash movie in a gif format

How do I export my movie in the form of a gif that works!!! Every time I try I just end up with a still image!!! This is so frustrating…please help someone!!!..Thanks in advance.

not sure how to do it in flash but u could always import your movie into adobe premiere and save it as an animated gif

in your publish settings, select animated gif …

it will be huge compared to swf, tho.

just a warning.


yea im not to sure why you even want to make your movie a gif

If you are trying to make a small simple gif, I’ve used this before and it works like a charm:

Just a suggestion.

I’ve tried that program that converts avi to gif, but still even when I export my animation sequence (it’s very short) in the form of AVI. It’s still a still image!!! I know this is possible…but how???

Also could anyone tell me if it’s possible to upload flash on to a geocities website or any other free website provider???

are you sure you placed everything in the main frame ?? (ie not a mc that has animation in him placed ONLY in the first frame of the main timeline ??)

maybe…I’ll go see…

In response to your other question, geocities does not allow you to upload .swfs, if you are looking for free try angelfire, they have an annoying prefix you have to add but other then that its pretty good. Your best option is to get some cheap web hosting, no ads, or crap like that to deal with it.

Thanks everyone I got it…