Exporting classes on a later frame: breaks all nested timelines?

I have a large flash app (> 100k) w/ its own looping preloader animation in the first frame. This preloader should happily spin while the app loads. (For various important reasons, I can’t use a separate SWF to load the app.)

When I export the classes in a later frame, all of the preloader animation’s simple timeline commands (stop, gotoAndPlay) stop working.

I can reproduce this in a very simple test: http://www.dec10.net/test/ball.html (includes link to FLA). The red ball should stop (as seen in example 1) and doesn’t (example 2).

**Do any of you know how to get around this? I’ve been trying everything I can think of and haven’t found a solution. If this is unbeatable, it seems the only real timeline preloader you can do is a code-drawn progress bar.

Thanks for your help-