Exporting Flash-4 files to Flash-5


Its me again… :slight_smile:
Ok… How do I export flash-4 files to flash-5.

Actually I had a file in flash-4. But the functions like “loadedK, percentageK etc…” doesn’t work with flash-4.

I tried opening the same file in flash-5, it does open, but whenever I try to insert the loadedK or percentageK functions, it says you need to export the file in flash-5. :frowning:

How do I do that ??

Please help…


And yea…
Thank you so much for the percentage loader tutorial, that really helped. :slight_smile: Thanks again

well you can make your preloader with

loaded = _root.getBytesLoaded();
total = _root.getBytesTotal();

if (loaded == total){

There is an option in the action panel which lets you turn on color coding. You can look in the action script help to find out what the codes mean. From what you’re saying it looks like you have some Flash 5.0 coding in your project.

You can either check the color coding and try to find a way to change that to a Flash 4.0 format, or you can simply save the file using the “Save as” menu option instead of save. When you save as, be sure to choose Flash 5.0 instead of Flash 4.0.