External 2 dimensional array (please help)

I have been working on this flash project for some time now. it is a calender program, one week at a time. (see the screencapture). My problem right now is that i am trying to load data into flash from a database as a two diminsional array. currently i have a two diminsional array in flash named num. num holds values for the color of each box: for example num[2][0] holds a number (1-8, each corresponding with a color) for the first box in moday for employee 3.

How would i parse information so that the arrays can be filled with data from a text or asp file (MIME format). I tried to do this:

but it didnt work.

basically my question is, how do i parse (externally load) data into a two dimensional array (in flash)?

i read http://www.kirupa.com/developer/mx2004/external_array.htm
but i cant seem to adopt it to a two dimensional array.
please help!