External HDD

My computer has a 200 GB internal HDD. I just purchased a 160 GB external HDD. The external is now hooked up to my windows XP Pro OS and i’m bombarding it with MP3s. If I attach it to a mac will transfering the MP3s to the macs internal be as easy as drag and drop?


I don’t know. I am not sure that a PC/Mac file storage format is the same. If a mac uses NTFS or FAT32, then you have a good chance of transferring files between them just as easily as you could with a PC.

I now nothing about macs but evertime someone mentions drag n drop and Mac in the same sentence I have to go back and watch this video again that was posted some time ago.


Man that makes me laugh!

I was able to successfully transfer files back and forth from an iMac and my computer with no sweat. You just need to correctly configure the network connection between the two PCs.

sorry about posting in the wrong forum. this does’nt really have anything to do with a network; it’s just an external that would be unplugged from one machine and plugged into another. is a specific file system associated with an external hard drive - i guess it defaults to the same file system of the first computer that uses it?

you should be fine - when you plug it back into the pc you might notice some extra files in there that the Mac installed - other than that you should be fine.

in this case your external would be just like an usb memory keyfob - just plug in and go…

Not always true that it will work. In my program at college we all have to get external drives and we do work on both macs + pcs so I have some experience with this. Usually most drives will work on both pcs and macs without any trouble, but some drives won’t show up on a mac once they have been used by pc… It won’t format it or anything right away, but you just might not be able to see it.