External image (gif/jpeg) files used directly in flash?

Unsure as to whether it can be done at all.
Thought I’d come to the place in the know :slight_smile:

Ok here’s the problem:
I’m creating a simple flash navigation using some transparent .gifs. At present i import them then make them instances and use them internally in flash from there…
But, is it possible to link the instance to an external gif file on the server so that the image can be change by simply changing the gif file/s instead of having to go back into flash??

I realise it would be easier to just update by importing the new images into flash but it’s a client request and as they say ‘the customer is always difficult’ :wink:

ANY help would be much appriciated!!


well, other than importing all the gifs, i really don’t know. maybe there’s a cgi thing where you can dynamically change the gif outside of flash.

do you think it may be an action script problem?
does anyone else have any ideas? :frowning:

hey, i’m gonna be no use whatsoever, but just to let u know that you’re not the only one with this issue.

I’m trying to build flash pages dynamically from Database info. I’ve succeeded in getting the text information into flash thru XML formatted files.

But now I’d like to dynamically change images dynamically in the flash movie too, but without opening the flash movie, importing the image, etc… So I guess the only way would be change a path-filename variable to an external image.

Boils down to the same problem, I think.

At the moment I’ve found nothing, but I’m gonna stick at this for day at least… let you know if I find anything.

There are a number of ways of accomplishing this, none of which are easy to me. Suprabeener, and others have discussed dynamicaly changing images a number of times in the Action script forum. I’d suggest taking a look around for some of those posts, as it leaves me utterly confused.

Sorry I can’t be more help than to say, Yes it’s possible to do that.

here is one of thelonger threads in which it is detailed.
hope it helps

Well done helpful people! interesting stuff re. ming…

For my case, I running off a Windows 2000/Coldfusion environment, so I don’t wanna add add php into the equation!

I’ve found 2 apps on the internet which are cheap and free (respectively) for converting gifs and jpegs to swf movies, which I guess now means they can be accessed externally, right? (hey, I’m trying to get the hang of flash so please correct me if i’m talking rubbish!).

gif2swf : www.gfx2swf.com/gif2swf/
jpg2swf : www.koolmovers.com/review…ent&id=100

nope that’s true… and until I learn that php stuff, I’m stuck doign the same thing… make my image an swf, and use the loadMovie command to bring it in.

believe me… that solution, just cause we’ve gone over it, does not make it an easy one. :slight_smile:

I’m impressed guys, thanks so much for all the help!!
I was gone for maybe a day or two and now it seems I can get back on track :slight_smile:

cheers again!

I’ll let you know how it all works out, and if I find any other solutions…

kudos to you guys … that has given me some really good ideas to what I have been trying to do with using asp to get the images in there … I think I might be able to get that to work.