External link and '&' problem

Hello, I have constructed a slideshow, where the slide name should lead to an external site. The slide name is imported form a text file with this code :

info=<p><span class=“center”><a href=“http://www.konecranes.com/portal/products/industrial_cranes_&_components/explosion_proof_products/” target="_blank">CXT Ex Trosstelfer</a></span></p>

… but it will not display the slidename due to “&” sign in the <a>, all my other slide names work fine, but they do not contain “&” in the href. I tried to save the txt file in unicode UTF-8 and 16, but it didn’t help.

The other thing is that, on safari browser after pressing the slide name new window opens without a hustle(the ones that are without & sign), but in the explorer it gets blocked. Is there a way to bypass it… ?

Any help is more than welcome, im almost ready with my site… but problems like these might ruin all my work :’(