External link goes to specific frame

Hello All

I have my first Flash site up and running, and threads and tutorials on this forum have been a great help. Up until now I have had time to plod through problems and so far nothing I wanted to do has proved too difficult.
But now I’m stuck.
What I have is a small gif file I want to distribute to a number of websites to act as an advert for a product on my site. However, when potential visitors click on the gif, I want the browser to go to my site and then the swf file to go to a specific frame (7, to be precise!). I thought at first I would use the [FONT=“Courier New”]asfunction[/FONT], however after a couple of hours of experimenting and digging on the web, I’m thinking its going to need javascript. Any ideas befor I start working out the js?!? Much appreciated in advance.