External loading

I have a Main movie (main.swf) a seperate button (button.swf) and a movie clip (clip.swf). The button is loaded into the main movie with loadMovie and when I press on that button I want the clip.swf to open in main.swf. (I have a empty movie clip in main.swf). My problem is that I don’t know how to link the button (that is loaded into main.swf) to go to the movie clip in main.swf and load clip.swf.

Could anyone help me with this? :slight_smile:

Ok, so a swf with a button is loaded into your main movie. You want to click it and have another swf load into a container in the main movie? If so:


Hmmm… it doesn’t work :frowning:
The movie clip I move it into has the instance-name container, and there’s nothing more I should do there? There is probably something I’ve missed. :puzzled:

Can you upload your flas?


I’ve noticed that it isn’t possible to put the code loadMovie into a movie clip (because the onEvent thing pops up). But it works if you put it in the first keyfram of the movie clip. So I guess I have to go to that keyframe then?


Should that make it go to the Main movie --> root —> MC with instance name clip —> first keyframe that I name keyframe (says image etikett in swedish, not the swedish word for instance-name so I don’t know if that works the same?), and then in that keyframe load main.swf?

Hmmmm… the problem there is, how does it know it shall go to the other external .swf from there? I’m not used to AS and the linking. I guess I have to write this code longer and add the clip.swf somewhere (lots of different clips I’m talking about here).

I’m grateful for any help.

the problem is in the linkage. it has to refer to the original link. look it up in the search.