External Movie clip Resize Issue


Can any one explain how to re-size the external SWF file.

Document Width = 650;
Document Height = 500;

External SWF dimensions are: width x Height = 1024 x 768.

The issue is: I am not been able to re-sizethe External loaded SWF with respect to the document(wrapper SWF) which loads the external SWF file.

var stg_w = imageClip.stage.stageWidth;
var stg_h = imageClip.stage.stageHeight;

request = new URLRequest(externalSWFURL);
loader = new Loader();

org_game_w = loader.contentLoaderInfo.width;
org_game_h = loader.contentLoaderInfo.height;

Note: No re-size EVENT needed.

Awaiting your response.

many thanks