External Mp3 Control

Alright alright. I give in…

I have trawlled many forums attepmting to get answers to solve my sound issue.

Ihave purchased many books to get answers to solve my sound issue.

I have searched the web

Quite simply there is too many different way to arrive at the final destination.

I have now attemted to keep the script simple to produce results and this is what I have so far:

The Play Button…

on (release) {
//Load Streaming mp3 behavior
if(_global.Behaviors == null)_global.Behaviors = {};
if(_global.Behaviors.Sound == null)_global.Behaviors.Sound = {};
if(typeof this.createEmptyMovieClip == ‘undefined’){
this._parent.createEmptyMovieClip(‘BS_CantStop’,new Date().getTime()-(Math.floor((new Date().getTime()) /10000)*10000) );
_global.Behaviors.Sound.CantStop = new Sound(this._parent.BS_CantStop);
} else {
this.createEmptyMovieClip(‘CantStop’,new Date().getTime()-(Math.floor((new Date().getTime()) /10000)*10000) );
_global.Behaviors.Sound.CantStop = new Sound(this.BS_CantStop);

Works Fine

The Stop Button…

on (release) {
//Stop Sound Behavior


Now the following buttons:


I have tried a variety of combos to control the sound at this location


Does anybody know where I can find the information to resolve this issue

Many thanks,