External swf calling another external swf

i have a question,
is it possible for an external swf loaded in the main movie calls another external swf? Thanks a lot! guys! :slight_smile:

offcourse it is!

regarding this i have a problem… it doesnt work. if its possible, i am
doing something wrong… plz help :jail:

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Have you tried “_parent”?
Otherwise post the fla.

All you need to do is make sure you got the linkage right.
When you load an external swf into an mc (instance name: target) then the path of that loaded swf is _root.target.
So when the target2 is in the root, the link from the external swf should be _root.target2, not target2 or someting.

here comes the fla…
you have to render the maincontent.fla first.
i left the main.swf like it was in the beginning so it only
works as standalone,not when loaded with the loader.swf

something is missing and a animation is stuck in a loop
but it has nothing to do with the loading func :whistle:

What exactly is not working?

my bigger last posting should describe it… i hope it does :puzzled:


No, it’s very confusing. They only thing I noticed is you load
several swf’s in the same container.

I think you need to remove all references to _root
ie/in the first frame _root.space can be just space
2nd frame change(0) and the same for the buttons.
Not tested it but i think it will be a little nearer.

yeah i can’t see anything wrong with your fla shinfu. did younot create a sub folder called subpages and put maincontent.swf in that.
let me look at your other post first

thanks stringy. the path was the problem.

i removed all references to _root and replaced it with
_parent oder _parent._parent where it was necessary
and it works now. :slight_smile:

You are welcome.