External SWF's not loading properly, please help

Hi there,

I used the tutorial found here:


to load my exernal swfs into my main movie.

I also am using this tutorial for my original external swfs so they can load secondary swf’s into them. So it would be like 3 overlapping swf’s.

The problem is that when I test the external swf everything loads properly, but when I load the first external swf to the main movie, it plays the movie like it shoud but instead of loading the secondary swf in the masked window, it ends the movie and starts playing the secondary swf as if it was the first external one.

So it’s supposed to go like this: Main movie -> Web link opens up in Main movie -> pictures of my websites are supposed to open in the Web movie when you click on the links.

Instead it goes like this: Main movie -> Web link opens up in the Main movie -> web movie DOESN’T stop, it ends and loads the first image from the website where the Web movie should be.

I hope that makes sense.

Does anyone know why this would be happening? Is there some code I have to change or add to get everything to work properly?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance for any help provided!


This is the code I used:

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
if (!loaded && this._url != _root._url) {
if (this.getBytesLoaded() == this.getBytesTotal()) {
loaded = true;

I think I would have to change something in here for the first extrenal swf. But I can’t wrap my brain around what I am supposed to change. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.