External SWF's or other options

Hi everyone, a friend of mine had just referred me to the forums. I’ve recently delved into the whole Flash world, finding it interesting to say the least. I plan on working with it for a while to come, so hopefully I can become a helpful member to the forums in the future.

I am trying to create a flash file that reads from an XML data on a list of sprites. I want the sprites to be external items, so that if I decide I want to add or remove a sprite from my FLA, all I will have to do is edit the XML file.

My current strategy was to use loadMovie(…) into an empty movie clip I created dynamically, but my issue is afterwards the width and height of the clip are 0, and I can’t accurately modify the objects dimensions. Another requirement I have is that the sprites all have different dimensions.

So my questions would be:

  1. is this possible in AS2? Or should I be working with AS3?
  2. if possible in AS2, how can I retrieve the external SWF’s proper dimensions?

Thanks :slight_smile: