External SWFs within External SWFs w/transitions

Now I’m sure my problem has a solution somewhere within the walls of this forum, but I’ve spent the last 2 hours searchin for it and I’m still lost. Since I’m having such difficulty, perhaps someone else is too, so hopefully any replies I recieve will benefit others’ projects as well. So here goes…

I’m following the kirupa tutorial “Transition between External SWFs” (I know, I know, ur rolling ur eyes already) and it’s working beautifully (I am somewhat proficient at following directions). But here’s my problem: Im trying to load an external SWF within an already loaded SWF (also with transitions).

I have a SWF named “primary.swf”. In it, it loads several external SWFs depending on the button chosen. One of those external SWFs is “services.swf”. Now “services.swf” also has it’s own set of buttons, each of which loads other external SWFs such as “web”, “print”, “graphics” etc. inside of “services.swf”. And “services.swf” automatically loads “web.swf” using:

_root.currMovie = “web”;

This loads in just fine, however, when you choose another button within “services.swf” all that happens is it replays “web.swf” and not the other file that was chosen. When I play “services.swf” on its own (outside of “primary.swf”) it loads all requested external SWFs perfectly. It just doesn’t do it once “services.swf” itself is being played from within another SWF.

I’ve changed the “container” name to “servicesector” on “services.swf” and all of the external SWFs that "services.swf would load, including the empty MC’s instance name. Other than this change I’ve left the code untouched. I’ve tried alot of different things like replacing “_root.servicessector” with “_root.container.servicesector” or “_parent.servicessector”, but nothing seems to work.

Thank you in advance for your help. I’m sure it’s something very stupid, as it hasn’t been specifically addressed before.