External text file: Flash only loads 70% of the text!

Hello, Please, Please : I need your help !!! This is I’m sure a simple problem to all of you but me !!!
I created a dynamic text field in my .fla (with scrollbar) - everything works fine, but I have a problem with the length of one my texts. ???

Firstly I saved the .txt as a UTF-8 file as the contents are in french, with accents, etc… But one of my texts is longer than the others and it will not display it all in my movie - it leaves out about 500 or so characters out of 1638 characters.
Other shorter texts in other parts of my movie load fine !!!

The text content is copied/pasted from another word file.
In my text file, the text is typed in horizontally with few carriage returns with the key board : I have also used a couple of html tags, such as <B> and <BR> (opened and closed of course)

The (very simple) code I used in Flash (MX) , which works for the other texts, is as follows:

loadVariablesNum(“mytext09.txt”, 10);

I also used some “globalStyleFormat” code to control the scrollbar color, and that’s it.

According to you is there anything wrong with my text file or is there some code I should include in the movie to control the acceptable length of my text file ??

Many many many many thanks !!!