External Text in External Swf not loading in Main Swf

Hi. I’m kind of new to Flash, and am trying to make external text load into an external swf which is loaded into my main swf.

What I have is a swf file where I have buttons that load external text. I then loaded this swf into another main.swf and now the external text will not load. The code i have in the external.swf to load external text is this

** but4272005.onRelease=function(){
loadVariablesNum (“4272005.txt”,“0”);
loadVariablesNum (“4282005.txt”,“0”);
loadVariablesNum (“532005.txt”,“0”);

This swf works by itself, but when i load it into the main.swf it doesn’t.
I’m sure it has something to do with the “0”, but I’m not sure what to put there to make it load correctly in the main swf.

The dynamic textbox i’m trying to load into is named “index_txt”. The name of the loader in the main.swf is named “content”. Any help would be appreciated.