External txt file, <b> not working

Alright, I’m using external txt files for the information, which are under a mask.

Here is the code that I’m using:

var format = new TextField.StyleSheet();
var path = "styles.css";
format.onLoad = function(loaded) {
    if (loaded) {
        professional_txt.styleSheet = format;
        loadText = new LoadVars();
loadText.onData = function(myLoadedText) {

// check and make sure it loads
if (myLoadedText != undefined) {
professional_txt.html = true;
professional_txt.htmlText = myLoadedText;
// do whatever else here.....
// if it doesn't load, play a MC that says something like "loading error"
} else {
    } else {
        output.text = "Error loading CSS file!";

Here is the .txt file:

<b>Estate Planning Lawyer</b><br>Our Estate Planning Lawyer can meet with individuals who have complex estate plans.  The approximate two-hour appointment will allow her to develop a plan that you can take to your personal Estate Lawyer to implement. 
<b>Wealth Management Team</b><br>This teams gets involved with all aspects of planning.  They can assist us in matters such as tax and non-residency issues.  A large part of their mandate is to be a resource group for financial, retirement and estate plans.
<b>Insurance Specialists</b><br>Our team of planners can assist by reviewing existing plans that you have to ensure there is adequate coverage to meet your needs.  They can also assist us in planning for your retirement as well as analyzing your eventual Estate tax situation.

Here is the site: http://dev.gad.ca/porubanec (click services, then click Access to Professionals) You will see that nothing that is wrapped in the <B> tags, shows up? I have set it in flash to Render txt as html, and have obviously embeded the fonts. Any ideas what might be causing this?