External txt for combo and textbox

Hello again

I’ve posted two different threads, one about adding an external text file to a Combobox and another adding text to a dynamic text field witch worked on my pc but not in the server.
Actually, what I want to use them both in the same swf.

I’d like to have a combobox that retrieves its info from an external text file, passes it to a Dynamic text box variable which loads another external txt (based on the content of the dynamic text box title) into a different textbox.

Something like: you select a city from a combo and it shows the city as a title in another field and your friend’s adress in yet another text field.

I’ve followed some tutorials but didn’t succeed. Sometimes it works only on my pc other times only on the server.
If someone could help…

I’ll attach my zip files that contains a simplified fla and the text files.

Thanks in advance