External txt into dynamic text field

This is really a simple thing and I thought I knew how to do it. I have flash file with a dynamic text field in it with a var name myContent. And I have a text.txt file. How do I get the information (it’s just a paragraph of stuff - no variables or any other data, just plain text) in the txt file to appear in the dynamic text field when I run the movie?

use LoadVars();

the help file will give you its basic use. If you get stuck, please let us know. We’ll be glad to help.

thanks, i think that worked but is there a way to do laod the text from the .txt file as a string instead of URL-encoding?
(I am planning on loading paragraphs of text, not just one or two words of variables)

Hey there,

Kinda a flash newbie but flash does load all the content kept in the text file - if you just format your plain text document the way you want your paragraphs, it loads the text in fine (well it worked for me when I tested it).

If you’re still having problems, have a look at the online documentation (F1) and go through the first tutorial - that’s where I learnt how to do it!

Hope this helps,

– Garatheus –