ExternalInterface.call inside iframe not working in IE

Hi all,

The structure of my site is as follows:

mainPage.html contains - menu.swf & iframe1

iframe1 contains - subpage.html

subpage.html contains - subMenu.swf & contentpage.html

The way it works is that when menu.swf is clicked it changes the .src of iframe1 to load the appropriate subpage.html. Then when you click the subMenu.swf it changes the .src of iframe2 to load the appropriate contentpage.html

This is all probably better illustrated if you have a look at the site http://www.curvecreations.com/portfolio_new/cv_navnew.html

It all works perfectly in Firefox but in IE the ExternalInterface call from the subMenu never reaches the container page to change the .src of the iframe.

It seems as though it’s something to do with the .swf being inside the iframe because I am still able to call a javascript function from within the iframe using an html button.

If anyone can help in any way i would be very grateful as my head is beginning to hurt from banging it against my desk.