Externally Loaded Dynamic Text: <HTML tags Failing>

I’m loading text from an external .txt file. I want to put html tags to change the color and add links.

The links I can get to work, but when i change the color …everything after the color change disappears when it’s loaded.

Is there a fix for that in Flash MX?

Can anyone help?


Usually when text disappears all the sudden, it probably means that you have there some tag problems. Could be that you have something overlapping there…
Check your .txt file and make sure you have closed all tags and written them properly. If you still can’t get it work, try attaching the file here.


this is what is typed in the text file:

textbox=example text loads into the dynamic text box<font color=’#ff0000’>this text turns red </font color> but this text disappears for some reason

the text scrolls as well… i don’t know if that would change anything, but yeah…

?? it works in a regular html file. (No disappearing text)

The ending tag is wrong:

<font color="FF0000">text</font>

That ought to fix it :slight_smile:

the end tag is </font> not </font color> :whistle:

how do i make that section of text a different color as well as a link?

<font color="#FF0000"> <a href="http://www.yourlink.com" target="_blank">type you text here</a></font>

THANKS People!! :thumb:

um, isn’t this in the wrong forum?