Externally loaded .txt with links to other external .txt


I don’t know if this can be done but here’s my problem:

I have a dynamic text-field loading a external .txt file. I want this .txt file to have hyperlinks to another external .txt file.

I found out as much as I have to place this bit of code somewhere in the .txt:
<a href=“blahblah”>here</a>
And to get it underlined use this:

I’ll just explain the problem a little more:

Say I have a dynamic text-field with variable name “country” that loads names of coutries (e.g. Denmark, Sweden, Holland, U.S.A. and Ireland) in a external .txt-file.

I want the name of the countries to be clickable (how do I do that by the way – line by line) so that if you click U.S.A. another external .txt is loaded into another dynamic text field with the variable name “City”.

HOW DOES THE AS and the html in the .txt have to be put together? Anyone?

Thanks in advance,