Extra instances of MC? What is going on?

I have a several MC (movie clips)
In the root time line, each frame has one of these MC.

The MC plays, then at the end of it it calls:
And thus the root advances one, and plays the next MC.

I just added the ability to move back. prevFrame();

The problem is - now there are two MC’s when you move forward???

What i mean is there is a function in each MC that can be called. When it is called, if this is the second time you have entered that root frame, the function actually calls itself twice.

Enter a third time, and the functions, when called once, execute three times.

This tells me that… somehow you are getting a new function created each time that MC frame is entered, and it is staying.

For example I did a trace on ‘this’, and received this.

Called function once, first time in MC:

this _level0.slide2
frame 10

(the above is correct, the function was executed once)

  • now from the root, I have moved back, then forward again into the MC’s frame. And when the function is called, it executes twice as seen below:

called once, executes twice:
this _level0.slide2
frame 11
this _level0.slide2
frame 33

called once, executed twice:
this _level0.slide2
frame 127
this _level0.slide2
frame 222