Extract sound from a avi file

Hi! All,
I want to record speaking and used in the flash. But I don’t have digital recorder or something like that. I then use digital camera with the ability to record about 10 secs movie with sound. It’s an avi file. so anybody can tell me how to exact the sound from this avi file so that I can use it in the flash.
Thanks for help.

That is a tough one. I believe that you MIGHT be able to do it this way, IF you’re using windows os (I have no clue on Mac)

Open the AVI in the Window’s media player, then open the sound recorder, both should be in your Windows/Accessories start up menu.

press play on the media player, then record on the sound recorder.

I’m not sure if it will work, as I’ve never tried that…

if that doesn’t work, I’d suggest doing a search using www.google.com with the key words:
AVI sound extraction

there may be a program out there that will break avi’s apart.

Thanks upuaut8,

Window’s media player is without a “Record” function. Anyhow, thank you very much for your information.

yes… it doesn’t record… but there is a sound recorder in the accessories section. It SHOULD pick up any sound form the media player. I’m going to do some tests in the morning and see if I can come up with anything more useful for you.

try a search…


Download VirtualDub, open the avi and then go file> save wav…and there you go :slight_smile:


or use SoundForge…but VirtualDub is FREE!

Hi! All,
Found so many enthusiast provided me the information after I go out whole day. Thank you so much. Yes, I found there is a recorder to transfer the audio to a .wav file. So I think the problem solved. I will try VirtualDub later…